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Evelyn Markus was raised in Holland by parents who not only witnessed the growing anti-Jewish violence of the 1940s, but also survived the Holocaust.

Today, she sees antisemitism once again on the rise around the world—and has made it her life mission to prevent one of history’s darkest chapters from repeating.

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Never Again Is Now is a documentary telling Evelyn’s powerful story. It’s her warning to the world. Back in the 1930’s we could have stopped the evil threat but we didn’t. This time, we have a chance to stop the evil.

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Ominous Clouds

Evelyn has seen—and documented—a cultural and political shift that is fueling antisemitism and other intolerance. To stop it, she believes we must all play a role—taking action in a way that suits our individual strengths. The best way to start is to gain deeper insights, and to educate ourselves and each other.

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Today, antisemitism is coming from the Right, the Left & radical religious ideology.

Awareness isn’t enough

All around the globe, Jews are being threatened in growing numbers. This time, equipped with the memory and knowledge of the Holocaust, we know we have to stop this trend early—which means NOW.

History has shown that antisemitism doesn’t just lead to disaster for Jews, but also for many other groups. Gays, people of color, people practicing a certain religion, immigrants, and many other groups face a serious challenge to their freedom.

To stem the rising tide, we must collaborate in finding answers to the problem. For that we need a respectful exchange of ideas about what each of us can do as individuals.

Add Your Voice

We have to make each other smarter about antisemitism, where it comes from and what we as individuals can do to stop it. Please join our respectful conversation.

Stand UP for what’s right

You don’t have to be Jewish to be subject to prejudice and hate. You don’t have to be a minority to be intolerant toward intolerance based on race, religion or ethnicity. You don’t have to be an elected official to take a stand against antisemitism wherever it may come from, whether that’s the Left, the Right or radical religious ideology.

Here, you’ll find a safe and respectful space to discuss cultural intolerance. Where you can engage with others to end antisemitism. You are welcome here.


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