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Reflecting on Judah Benjamin and the Complicated History of Jews in America

Some years ago, I took a call from a Jewish gentleman in Birmingham, Alabama.  In his very strong southern accent, he told me he was involved with the Republican Jewish Coalition there and he was requesting some information on our work in fighting antisemitism.  He noted my surprise. I received a lot of calls for information of this type, but seldom from an RJC member in Birmingham, Alabama.  This gentleman went on to tell me…
Michael Finch
December 15, 2021

One Menorah at a Time, Let our Love for Israel Shine

Jews in America and elsewhere, especially young Jews, are ripped of their identity. The Anti-Defamation League illustrates this with a recent quote from an American student: “I used to be more vocal about my Jewishness. I’m worried people will stereotype me and assume I support Israel’s action because I’m Jewish. To prevent this I wrote on my dorm door whiteboard ‘Jews for a Free Palestine.’ “ download (  A Jewish student in The Netherlands reports…
Evelyn Markus
November 26, 2021

Jewish New Year: A New Beginning Please

On September 5th the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashana starts the Jewish New Year. It’s the time of the year when we make ourselves into brand new people for the upcoming year and decide where we really want to go with our lives. In the same spirit, organizations once in a while renew their vision and strategy to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. For a decade or so, antisemitism in America has changed. It no…
Evelyn Markus
August 26, 2021

The 4th D: Israel’s ‘Disproportionate’ response

Much of the criticism of Israel we hear these days from activists, media, politicians, colleagues, friends and family is antisemitic. It often crosses the line that was clearly defined by the international community: the 3 D’s. As soon as the criticism Demonizes Israel, or measures it with a Double standard, or Delegitimizes its existence, it is considered Jew hatred. Grotesque accusations of ‘Genocide’, ‘Ethnic cleansing’, ‘Apartheid’, and ‘Child murder’ are examples of Demonization. Condemning Israel…
Evelyn Markus
May 29, 2021

Never Again must mean Never Again

Maybe “Never Again” has just become a slogan, meaningless and powerless. Something that we can mouth to make us feel good, to feel like we are fighting evil and preventing evil. Like the hash tag, Me Too, or the displaying the French flag on one’s social media page after yet another terror attack in France. It feels good to virtue signal. Or at least it does until it becomes too difficult to say anything. Until…
Michael Finch
May 24, 2021


On May 8, 1945, men and women rushed to the streets of New York, London and Moscow to hug and kiss and dance. Germany had just surrendered. The war against Nazi Germany was over. The killing had stopped. A great evil ended. Yet many had mixed feelings of joy and grief. More than 100,000 US soldiers had given their lives and almost another 450,000 got wounded. 15-20 million Europeans were killed. May 8 is still…
Evelyn Markus
May 5, 2021


From March 15-17, the Netherlands held national elections. The Netherlands has a crowded multiparty system: 17 parties got elected into the House of Representatives. The center-Right party VVD and the center-Left party D’66 ended as the two biggest parties. These parties want Holland to stay in the EU and are for climate management. The two parties together still don’t hold a majority. At the Right side of the aisle are the populist parties: Geert Wilders’…
Evelyn Markus
March 31, 2021